You Still Broke? 7 Money Blocks Keeping You from Abundance!

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Ever wondered why, despite all your efforts, you’re still not living the abundant life you dream of? You’re caught in a frustrating cycle of financial struggle, which honestly, you should have transcended by now.  But here you are, stuck in a constant state of ‘broke’. It’s a real head-scratcher, isn’t it? You may be grappling with some deep-seated money blocks – invisible barriers in your subconscious mind that are as real as the cash in your pocket.

Money blocks can manifest in various forms, such as self-doubt, fear of success, or even guilt about wealth. They can be sneaky little devils, creeping in unnoticed and planting seeds of financial self-sabotage. It’s about time we sent them packing! 

Absolutely! Though they might be subconscious, their impact on your financial life is very real.

Are money blocks real?

Money Blocks – The Unwanted Guests

Negative Chatterbox in Your Head

We all have that nagging voice in our heads, the one that loves to go on about how we’re doomed to fail or don’t deserve success. 

Negative self-talk, when it comes to your finances, can contribute to the growth of your money blocks. This is similar to watering a weed; it only encourages growth in the wrong direction. 

By fostering positivity, you give yourself permission to imagine a more successful financial future. This goes beyond empty optimism – it’s about taking control of your narrative and reshaping it. For instance, instead of saying, “I’m terrible with money,” you might say, “I’m learning to manage my finances better each day.”

Are Money Blocks real?

Absolutely! Though they might be subconscious, their impact on your financial life is very real!

#1 Foggy Financial Goals

A dream without a plan is just a wish, and a financial goal without clarity is, well, a money block. Setting vague financial goals can become a significant roadblock to your financial growth. Without a clear plan, any path can take you somewhere, but not necessarily where you want to go. 

Using  the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) framework, you can help pave a clear path to your financial objectives. Write down these goals and monitor your progress diligently. You’ll find the once intimidating barriers to your financial success starting to fade. For instance, instead of saying, “I want to save more money,” aim to “Save $200 each month for the next year for an emergency fund.”

#2 Money Obsession 

An unhealthy fixation on accumulating wealth, or money obsession, often emerges as a deceptive financial barrier. 

Indeed, this obsession narrows our vision, making us overlook diverse wealth-creation opportunities that don’t instantly promise high returns. Additionally, it induces stress and fear, leading to hasty, fear-driven decisions that limit our financial potential. This scarcity mindset not only strains our well-being and relationships but also compromises ethical boundaries, causing long-term financial detriment. True financial prosperity lies in sustainable wealth creation strategies and a balanced lifestyle, not in relentless money-chasing.

# 3 Fear of Success

Success-phobia can be a formidable money block. It’s like climbing a mountain only to freeze at the summit because the view is too grand. 

The fear of success, while seemingly paradoxical, is quite prevalent. Such apprehension can come from self-doubt, insecurities, and misconceptions about the effects of success. Fight this fear with empowering self-talk and reassurances of your capabilities. For instance, telling yourself, “I am capable of handling success,” or, “I am worthy of financial prosperity,” can gradually replace fear with confidence.

#4 Lack of financial education

Ever felt like you’re missing out on some secret financial wisdom that everyone else seems to know?

Financial ignorance can be a key contributor to your money blocks. Committing to learn more about financial management can make a world of difference. This could mean reading finance books, attending webinars, reading about investment types or even seeking the help of a financial advisor. As your understanding expands, your relationship with money will improve, and the money blocks will start to crumble.

# 5 Procrastination – The Silent Wealth Killer

Remember that time when you said you’d start investing…next week, next month, next year? 

Putting off essential financial decisions and responsibilities can lead to increased stress and financial stagnation. By setting achievable goals and breaking larger tasks into manageable chunks, you can combat this subtle but powerful money block. Consistency is vital in overcoming procrastination, ensuring that you’re steadily progressing towards your financial goals.

# 6 The ‘Hard Work’ Misconception

The idea that wealth can only be achieved through relentless hard work is a common misconception. 

Instead, focusing on smart work, efficiency, and sound financial decisions can effectively overcome this money block. Consider strategies like investing and generating passive income that make your money work for you, not the other way around. Remember, those achieving financial freedom aren’t necessarily earning millions each year; they’re the ones who consistently follow through with their smart financial plans.

# 7 It’s about Balance, Not Sacrifice

Ever felt like amassing wealth meant giving up all your joys and living a life  stripped of all fun?

The belief that financial prosperity requires enormous sacrifice can hinder your motivation and create unnecessary barriers to wealth accumulation. The reality is, financial success doesn’t necessitate a joyless life; it calls for balance between wealth creation and enjoyment of life’s pleasures. Dispelling this myth can pave the way for healthier financial habits.

Can I genuinely transform my money blocks?

Yes, you can! It demands commitment, but with the correct mindset and proactive steps, you can definitely overcome your money blocks.

How can I identify my money blocks?


Allocate some serene time to introspect your attitudes and convictions about money. Look for recurring patterns in your financial behavior. Write them down look for patterns

Read insightful books for your Mindset:

Time, Money, Freedom: 10 Simple Rules to Redefine What’s Possible and Radically Reshape Your Life is an empowering read for anyone feeling stuck in their current life trajectory. This transformative guide presents ten straightforward rules that challenge conventional wisdom and open up new possibilities for personal and financial freedom. Each rule is designed to shift your perspective, enabling you to redefine what’s achievable and radically reshape your life.

The Simple Path to Wealth provides readers with a straightforward roadmap to wealth accumulation and financial independence. Through practical advice and easy-to-understand examples, you will learn to master your money, instead of it mastering you. It emphasizes living a rich, free life that doesn’t compromise on joy or personal fulfillment.

Making the Journey

Our relationship with money is often more complicated than we realize. It’s not just about earning and spending, but also about our attitudes, beliefs, and mindset. Money blocks, those subconscious barriers that hold us back financially, are often deeply rooted in our psyche. But understanding them and proactively working to dismantle these blocks can lead to profound transformation and a richer life—both materially and spiritually.

The journey to identifying and tackling them is indeed not simple, but it’s worth every step. From understanding our subconscious financial behaviors to putting conscious effort into transforming these roadblocks, it’s all part of a transformative journey towards a more prosperous life.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Overcoming money blocks is a process, a journey filled with lots of learning, unlearning, and relearning. Seize control and reshape your financial destiny. Are you ready to take on this transformative journey towards financial freedom? 

Your Next Steps Forward

Reflect on your financial behaviors and beliefs, identify potential money blocks, and make a dedicated effort to transform them. Learn more about personal finance, set precise financial objectives, and consistently strive to achieve them. Find your balance between building wealth and savoring life’s joys, and don’t let procrastination or fear of success impede your progress.

Take a moment to share your experiences with us. Which money block resonates with you the most? What is one action step you’re going to implement this week to start overcoming it? Your journey towards financial freedom begins with these small yet significant steps. Every challenge you face can be turned into a stepping stone towards a wealthier, more fulfilling future.

Ensure you’re subscribed to our blog for more tips and insights. Remember, true financial success is not solely about the money you earn, but also about how effectively you manage it. Commit to dismantling your money blocks today, and together, let’s forge a more prosperous tomorrow.

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  1. Argh I see a few blocks on this list that impact our financial wellness! Foggy goals and procrastination being the biggest two.

    1. These are common challenges many people face. Setting clear, achievable goals and creating a structured plan can be a great start to overcoming these hurdles.

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